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Bus Stops and Shelters

Bus shelters
There are around 13,500 bus stops in the West Midlands. Around 5,000 have a passenger shelter - 1,500 are 'Showcase' shelters featuring raised kerbs that allow easy-access for wheelchairs and buggies.

'Showcase' shelters are being installed along selected routes in partnership with bus companies and local authorities,  the latter providing the bus lanes and other bus priority measures that speed up journey times.

   bus stop photo

Centro is completing a major programme to upgrade older shelters with an attractive 'Transit' style of shelter. Centro is also trialing the use of CCTV cameras.

Better at-stop information
Centro has invested in computerised facilities that create a unique poster and flag for each stop. Each poster features a stop code that you can use to receive timetable information via your mobile phone.

Cleaning and maintenance
Centro invests heavily in the cleaning and maintenance of bus stops and shelters' the cost is financed by advertising. All shelters are cleaned weekly.

Please report any damage or incorrect information at a bus stop.

We will respond on the same day if the damage is serious and the site needs to be made safe.

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